Week 2 of the Shaping Our Future conference

Week 2 of the Shaping Our Future conference

by Sylvia Currie -
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We have an exciting week ahead in the SOF2008 conference! Here is our schedule at a glance. All sessions take place at 16:00 GMT (9:00 am PDT). Access the Elluminate room 10 minutes prior to start.

* Tuesday, May 20 - E-learning: The Promise and the Potential with John Biss and Erin Mills, Canadian Council on Learning
* Wednesday, May 21 - Practicing What We Preach: Research into E-learning tools for Faculty Learning and Knowledge Mobilization with Tom Carey, University of Waterloo
* Thursday, May 22 - Gilbert Paquette, Canada Research Chair in Tele-learning Cognitive Engineering
* Friday, May 23 - George Siemens, University of Manitoba and Heather Kanuka, University of Alberta

View the upcoming presentation descriptions in the SCoPE calendar

You're invited to ask questions of our upcoming presenters and extend the dialogue in the SOF2008 Week 2 forum.

We are designing a survey together in a Wiki to help us understand the best ways to move forward with a research agenda. Be sure to add your questions by Thursday, May 22.

A few visual representations of our Week 1 discussion are emerging:
* Mindmeister map for us to edit together
* Tag Cloud
* Many Eyes Visualization

See you online at the presentation with John Biss and Erin Mills!