Day 5 - May 16

Day 5 - May 16

by Sylvia Currie -
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This announcement is coming out about many hours later than I had planned! We had a small technical issue at SCoPE and apologize if it affected your participation. However, it seems for the most part everyone was able to carry while my administrator account was locked out! thoughtful

The Week 1 discussion has been active and productive with 220 participants, 2 very well attended live sessions, and 196 posts. Some new strategies to help use to move forward are now emerging:

1. An organizational scheme that can frame this evolving agenda -- ready for your feedback!
2. A survey to identify where we stand as a group on various issues and approaches for research and collaboration. Please help to design the survey questions in this wiki.

As we approach Week 2 of our conference you may begin to see new forum posts in our SOF2008 Week 2 discussion forum in anticipation of our upcoming presentations. Post your questions for upcoming presenters and we will respond or bring them forward to the live sessions. If anyone is wondering about how to manage forum subscriptions I just posted a tip in the help forum.

Canadians will be enjoying a long weekend (Monday is a holiday). That doesn't mean the activity here needs to stops. But expect a few quiet periods due to family trips and long naps. approve