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Day 4 - May 15

Day 4 - May 15

by Sylvia Currie -
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We're coming up to Day 4 of the Shaping Our Future conference and our discussions are gradually shifting from a survey of participants' experiences and observations about current e-learning research to tackling some big questions about how to proceed with a pan-Canadian agenda. Some of the questions seem basic on the surface but are proving to be more complex, such as how do we define e-learning?

Our bookmark collection at is slowing expanding. If you have relevant articles and websites to add be sure to incldue the SOF2008 tag.

We are making an effort to bring key stakeholders into the conversations. Terry Anderson has drafted up an invitation for you to edit and use to send out to individuals with whom you have a personal network connection. Your help is appreciated!

It's a good sign when the help forum gets very little activity. I take it to mean conference participants are finding their way around without any difficulties! Tonight I decided to add a tip to the help forum to point out a feature in SCoPE that many people aren't aware of: Marginalia annotation tool. If you have any questions about Marginalia or anything else just ask!

See you back in the SOF2008 Week 1 Discussion.