R2D2 - Empowering Online Learning: July 21 - August 3, 2008

Empowering Online learning

Empowering Online learning

by Christine Horgan -
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COuld you please send ordering information/price for the Empowering Online Learning: 100+ Activities for Reading, Reflecting, Displaying, and Doing by Curt Bonk and Ke Zhang.

thank you, Christine Horgan, SAIT Polytechnic

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Re: Empowering Online learning

by Ke Zhang -
Hi Christine,
You may order it online from Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Empowering-Online-Learning-Activities-Reflecting/dp/0787988049
or download the following order form with 20% discount:
Thanks and I hope to "see" you at the Scope seminar later!

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Re: Empowering Online learning from TravelinEdMan

by Curt Bonk -

Hi all. I will be traveling to Denver and Boulder on the 21st and speaking there the 22nd and 23rd.  Back on the on the 24th.  So be kind if I do not respond as promptly as normally.

More on the R2D2 book can be found in my blog:


Meet you all soon!


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Re: Empowering Online learning from TravelinEdMan

by Jeffrey Keefer -

Curt, does this mean we will plan to begin this discussion on Thursday, 7/24? Until then, can you perhaps suggest how to approach your book based on how you envision discussing it here?

Glad the text just arrived from Amazon!

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Re: Empowering Online learning from TravelinEdMan

by E.A. Draffan -
For those of us still waiting for it to cross the Atlantic I wonder of you could possibly send us a chapter or something that might relate to the discussion that might make up the start of these sessions? Have a lovely time in Boulder - send us some of the sun please smile
Best wishes E.A. (In UK)
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Re: Empowering Online learning from TravelinEdMan

by Ke Zhang -

Hello from Michigan, USA!

Here's Chapter 1, an overview of the model from the publisher’s website at:


We have the publisher’s permission to share the references, web links and resources online as well:



Also, Curt’s recent blog summarizes the model really well. It’d be a jump start :-) if you haven’t read it:




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Re: Empowering Online learning from TravelinEdMan

by Jo Ann Hammond-Meiers -
Hi Ke and others,
Thanks for the jump start and the links. I have the book already and have just started getting into it. I am familiar with many of the concepts -- various styles of learning, but so far I am looking forward to how you are putting your ideas together and more.

Thanks Jo Ann Hammond-Meiers
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Re: Empowering Online learning from TravelinEdMan

by E.A. Draffan -
Ditto to what Jo Ann was saying and I am looking forward to see how we can apply many of the teaching activities undertaken to Web 2.0 type applications. Thank you so much for al the links as well.
Best wishes E.A.