Use of the UCIPD SIG... and a proposal

Re: Use of the UCIPD SIG... and a proposal

by Virgil Arthur Hammon -
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I am a new member. I work at the NASA/Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California in the Education Office. I was very interested in the many discussions that are related to my own research in integrating technology and the delivery of education. My dissertation, recently completed is: "Participation and Communication in Virtual Team Using Representational Avatars". It is a study of two universities, Auckland University of Technology (New Zealand) and Upsalla University (Sweden). The two universities created virtual teams, half using avatars and half using text only.
My dissertation is currently available freely on ProQuest or I can email it to any interested person (warning- large file!). I thought that as you consider enriching professional development, the results of my study might give you a few new ideas of what works with educational virtual teams and what does not.
Best wishes,
Dr. Art Hammon,
Elementary/Secondary Education Specialist
Education Office
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Jet Propulsion Laboratory
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