Flash and Other Media in Online Teaching

Flash and Other Media in Online Teaching

by June Kaminski -
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Flash and other media programs can be used in inventive ways to showcase First Nations teachings.

One excellent example is the Four Directions Teachings site.

What resources are you are aware of that use Flash, video, etc?
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Re: Flash and Other Media in Online Teaching

by Sylvia Currie -
Last month I attended Alan Levine's presentation at the Northern Voice conference at University of British Columbia: 50 Ways to Tell a Story. Alan's wiki is nicely set up with the 3 steps to creating a story:
  1. Outline a Story Idea

  2. Find Some Media

  3. Pick a Tool to Build Your Story

Obviously some tools and formats require more skill than others, but there are many tools that make the development process a cinch for students to create their own stories.

A more low tech idea that also comes from the Northern Voice conference is Nancy White's facilitation through drawing. Here is a snapshot taken by Doug Symington of Nancy sketching out the conversations during a panel discussion. This would be a useful way for course participants to share their summaries of topic-based conversations, either using a shared whiteboard or photos of hand-drawn sketches.

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Exemplary Simulation: Safe Water Challenge

by Sylvia Currie -
The the ICT Summit conference I attended this presentation by Julie Zilber and colleagues from 7th Floor Media.

A presentation and discussion of Safe Water Challenge, an online multimedia game-like simulation that demonstrates how rich multimedia games delivered over the Internet can overcome barriers to learning and address a significant need in First Nations communities.

This simulation: Safe Water Challenge illustrates so many elements of good design. I was itching to speak with Julie some more at the conference but never got a chance with the crowds of people. So I sent a note to Julie to see about sharing this simulation here. It's still work-in-progress --after some user testing they will be making some revisions.

Julie will join us in this seminar discussion to respond to any questions you have about the project.