First Nations Pedagogy Presentation

First Nations Pedagogy Presentation

by June Kaminski -
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I have attached a pdf version of the Powerpoint Presentation that Sylvia and I used at the ICT Summit and ABLKC conferences. The content is based on a literature review done of some existing educational research and practices done with First Nations learning. We welcome your comments and input!
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Re: First Nations Pedagogy Presentation

by Wendy Seale-Bakes -
Hi June,
I missed your presentation at the ABLKC conference, so am delighted to see it here - thanks for posting it.
Sorry to be arriving so late to this seminar (March has been a really busy month) but I'll try to catch up as much as I can today..
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Re: First Nations Pedagogy Presentation

by June Kaminski -
Thanks Wendy!

There were so many wonderful presentations at the ABLKC, it was hard to choose. I really wanted to attend Marie Battiste's presentation but it was scheduled at the same time that one of mine was!

Thanks for writing,

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Re: First Nations Pedagogy Presentation

by Rob Johnson -
June, and anyone else out there,

First, to June--I would like to request permission to utilize your website and your powerpoint in a presentation I will be facilitating for Know Schools in May. The topic is An Educator's Journey Across the Digital Divide". I will be sharing my experiences and perhaps initiate some dialogs with others who have the challenge of remote locations and need of bandwidth and connectivity. I am not a technical guru but have learned and overcome many of the challenges of living remotely and accessed various entities and people to help our school and community to where we are today. I intend to include your materials for reference through links to the powerpoint and your website with probably a couple of references to specific content.

Now for everyone:

I have dropped by a couple times these past weeks but have not jumped in until now. This is a very informative and inspiring dialog. I am impressed with the attendees and the facilitator. I would love to follow each of your around for a week and pick your brains. I guess I will have to settle for emails and forums. As many of you know I reside on a little island off the central course of British Columbia. I teach science and am the technology coordinator for a First Nations school of 250 students--K-12. Being remote has its benefits and its challenges.

I have a request of all of you who are in lower BC or the Vancouver area. I need someone or many someones to attend the dinner meeting being held in Vancouver on April 16th and provide input from educators that find useful educational benefits from the social networking aspects of web 2.0 so that we and I can have a voice at this meeting about the legal challenges of certain web tools at school.

I am including an invitation that I received and please accept it as your invitation. I am unable to attend so I am hoping you will attend and inform me of the outcome. This invitation was from FISA-Federation of Independent Schools.

"The FISA forwards to you an invitation received from Dr. Dan Brown, member
of Phi Delta Kappa, to attend a dinner meeting on April 16 dealing with
issues arising from certain social websites. A copy of the invitation is
attached. Non-members are welcome to attend.

> The abuse and misuse of technology provides many challenges for teachers
> and administrators. Wendy Harris, Q.C., of Harris & Company, along with
> her colleague, Page Kendall, will make a presentation and lead a
> discussion on the legal issues facing schools and educators with the
> emergence of websites like Myspace, YouTube and Facebook. They will
> include strategies to address those issues.
> The UBC Chapter of Phi Delta Kappa will convene on Wednesday, April 16 to
> visit with colleagues and review this important topic.
> Wendy Harris is perfectly positioned to guide this exchange. A prominent
> lawyer, she has appeared as legal counsel for school boards on a full
> range of matters pertaining to education law. That representation
> includes matters of labour arbitration, human rights, both for trials and
> appeals. A writer on issues of education law, she has served as President
> of the Canadian Association of Practical Studies in Law and Education
> (CAPSLE) and has taught the School Law course at UBC. Page Kendall is an
> associate of Harris & Company who has focused her practice on education
> law, written on school law, and is on the board of CAPSLE.
> After the presentation, she will circulate among the tables and you will
> have an opportunity to question her directly.
> Don't miss this chance to join us and share your experiences. Mark your
> calendar!
> Place: the Arbutus Club in Vancouver which is on Arbutus Street just south
> of 25th Avenue opposite Safeway at the pedestrian light at Nanton.
> Entrance is off Nanton.
> Arrivals 6:00-6:30 p.m. Program price: just $40 for nonmembers. Dinner
> is free. Pay at the door. Your colleagues are also welcome.
> Please try to respond to by noon on Monday, April 14 for
> a reservation. "

I hope that this has been an appropriate request and that I have not offended anyone in including it here in this forum. I am concerned for preserving access and utilization of resources for you and your school as well as my own. Someone earlier said something about not being able to access some useful tools that were blocked at their school. The attitude that I am constantly faced with is the students are not ready or capable of using these web tools appropriately. I believe with the proper supervision and guidance that the students will be able to embrace these tools at school in a good way as they are probably using most of them at home without guidance or supervision.

I will get of off the soap box now and return to my efforts of jumping into the wiki world. Thanks for listening and thanks June for providing some great insights and guidance on First Nations pedagogy.