Welcome to Our First Nations Pedagogy Seminar

Welcome to Our First Nations Pedagogy Seminar

by June Kaminski -
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A Warm Welcome to All!

We have created this Dialogue Space to commune and share with all people interested in participating in creating a Vision. Our Vision is focused on how we can tap the capabilities and promises of new media technology and the communal connectivity of the Internet to shape online learning experiences and programs that focus on rich First Nations pedagogical practices.

How can we meet the needs of First Nations learners who wish to engage in higher learning but do not want to leave their communities in order to do so?

How can we provide programs and courses that include Pre-Colonial practices and wisdom within the online learning landscape?

How can First Nations Pedagogy be advanced within the online learning milieu?

We welcome your thoughts, your experiences, your knowledge, your ideas, and your descriptions of your practices.

Please feel free to contribute! We are eager to listen!

In Respect and Openness,

June Kaminski, RN MSN PhD(c)
First Nations Pedagogy

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Re: Welcome to Our First Nations Pedagogy Seminar

by Sylvia Currie -
Thank you for the warm welcome, June!

I'd like to add a note for the many participants who are joining in a SCoPE discussion for the first time. We've very informal here! smile Don't hesitate to contribute to the discussion, even if you're rushed and don't have time to formulate your thoughts fully. Spontaneity is good!

Hit "reply" if your post follows along the same general topic in an existing thread, but also feel free to start your own thread by clicking the "begin a new discussion thread" button.

Another important note: SCoPE seminars are designed for busy people. If you can't join in this week, try for next week. Latecomers are always welcomed!

Through our March seminar we hope to gather as many ideas as possible for the website we are developing (it's only conceptual at this stage). We are designing this website together. Your suggestions will directly shape this project so we encourage you to really DREAM about what you would like to see as a resource for instructors and curriculum developers.

A very important piece of this project building is the support structure for ongoing dialogue and sharing of ideas and resources. We want you to be able to directly contribute to the website, but we don't want it to become an onerous task. How can use our existing networks to achieve this? How can we use blogs, wikis, tagging, etc to facilitate the process of building our knowledge about First Nations Pedagogy for Online Learning together?

To get us started I set up a wiki to pull out and to begin to organize resources that emerge through our seminar discussion. So far it just has some categories loosely sketched out. Feel free to add your own categories. Edit away!