Key Competencies for Second Life Moderators: February 7 - 16, 2008


Re: SL-moderators?

by Bronwyn Stuckey -
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Could not agree more Shailey! What you have described is the rich social context that is possible in virtual worlds and more we need to schedule time and activity to capitalize on it. The socialization is part of all stages of moderation not perhaps just a step in the process that we can move away from after a time.
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Re:steps and immersion

by Gilly Salmon -

Bronwyn & Shailey

in the 'formal' diagramatic representation of the 5 stage model online socialisation is given as a stage (because most people missed it out and the 5 stage model is a scaffold- each part dependent on the previous), but of course socialization happens at each stage and contributes to learning achievements group identity and so on,.