General suggestions

General suggestions

by Stephanie Chu -
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Hi. I didn't see an area for general suggestions/questions? Is there a way to change the font/skin for the site? (either globally or for a user?) Thanks!  smile
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Re: General suggestions

by Sylvia Currie -
Hi Stephanie,
You mention not being able to find an area for general suggestions/questions.  Do you mean suggestions not related to SCoPE? There is a Open for Anything forum here in Conversations.

There are several options for changing skins (themes). It can be changed site wide, either by selecting from a set of existing designs or you can create your own (which is what you see in progress here in SCoPE). We can also have different themes in the individual areas, for example one theme in "scheduled discussions", and a different theme in the SFU SIG. Also, there is an option (not active in SCoPE) for users to select their own theme.

Now...the question about changing themes makes me think you have a suggestion for the one currently displayed. Are there things you would change about font and colour? We're always looking for feedback!

I wonder also about pros and cons for enabing that kind of customization. Personally I would like to switch on PDA theme for when I'm on the road and wanting to log in on my Palm. Hmmmm, now you've got me thinking....

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Re: General suggestions

by Stephanie Chu -
Hi Sylvia,

Nevermind. I think I'm in the right place. I was just a little hesitant about posting something case I was in the wrong place...Don't mind me.   blush

Thanks for the explanation about changing skins/themes. It's very helpful as I'm not familiar with the system (yet).

Well, since you asked, it's likely a matter of personal taste, but I'm not so sure about the font (it's serif, right?) I find it a little more difficult to read or somehow different from other sites I visit. So I was wondering if I could change it for myself and how much customization was possible in the system in general.

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The font question

by Sylvia Currie -
I'm glad you raised the question about fonts, Stephanie. Using serif is quite a radical change from what we're used to and from what most web guides recommend. If I recall correctly, the thinking on choosing this font was that it has more of an academic look. So you're right, it is different from most sites you visit. So many sites out there lean toward a very corportate look, and often give the impression that the focus is on "information" and not "people".

Having said that, I'm not sure where I am about the font choice, so I hope others with more experience and design sense will step in here! Hey, here's an interesting tidbit -- I first learned about font preferences from Kate Britt (aka PinkFlamingo) back in the '90s, who has been participating in this SCoPE Suggestion Box forum. Kate, remember our HTML for Educators gig? ...fond memories :-)
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Re: The font question

by Deleted user -

In the print world, serif fonts are easier to read for large amounts of text, Sans serif fonts are used for tables and headings.

This doesn't hold for web pages, it seems.

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Re: General suggestions

by Dennis Humphrey -
I rather like the serif font. ;-)
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Font Preference

by Dr. Nellie Deutsch -


I think since font preference is a matter of taste, options should be available to change just as text size and encoding are via Explorer.


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Re: Font Preference

by Emma Duke-Williams -
Where would you put it, Nellie?

I have seen some sites (e.g. Glish) that let you change on the fly, but they generally only have a very short list of fonts to choose from; which mayn't include the font that you want.

As you've mentioned IE, and the fact that you can change font size in it (as long as you've either got IE 7, or the programmer has used relative font sizing), you might like to look at the TechDis toolbar, which allows you to change the font on the page that you're currently on. Again, though, it's only got quite a short list of possible fonts.

I think that something like font face, which, as Nellie points out, is often a personal choice at the end, really needs end users who have strong preferences and/ or accessibility needs to use particular fonts, probably need to look at how they can customise their browser (possibly by creating customised style sheets - which TechDis has a program to help you do); as even if site designers put in the one the fly changers, they can't know all the fonts on your PC - and include them. (I've not seen any of those drop down lists that query the fonts on the computer, and include them all, but I guess that could be useful for some - though only on the sites that choose to use it).