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I am going to go out on a limb, and assume that trademark is fairly low on people’s hierarchy of interest. Most people don’t spend a lot of time worrying about the intricacies of trademark law during their daily activities.

There is a small irony in this, as we rely extensively on trademark law during our daily activities. Look around right now – I am willing to bet you can see at least TEN trademarks.

A trademark is a graphic, name or phrase which identifies a business and it’s products.

A trademark is obviously highly valued by the companies that own them – ‘Coca-Cola’, ‘Nike’ or ‘Chevrolet’ are all very recognizable names, which is clearly an advantage in the market.

Trademark is also an advantage to consumers. There is some degree of certainty that when a product has a given trademark on it, that the product will meet certain standards. These don’t have to be high standards, rather it’s the fact that consumers have an idea of what they will be receiving. At one of the local supermarkets, they sell ‘No Name’ brand products. The ‘No Name’ trademark identifies the products as suitable substitutes for the equivalent brand name product, but the expectation is that the price and quality will be lower.

So how important is Trademark in Post Secondary Education?

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by E.A. Draffan -

Those of us who run projects in Higher Education spend days agonising about logos and how we will badge our websites. wink 

Testing the latest project's logo can take much discussion by the coffee machinesmile with fears of looking like an electronic company's trade mark or getting the initials in the wrong order and failing to get Google hits thoughtful!  We want our project to get our there after all the hard work and, lets be honest, we want it to be recognised in the community and for it to allow the department to gain more research money or grants etc! blush

Best wishes from E.A. who is desperately trying to design a website at the moment for an HE project!

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by Alice Macpherson -
Interestingly enough, trade-marks are quite high on my interest level. I held and used a trade-mark quite extensively for 16 years but have let it lapse a decade ago (see previous postings on my philosophy).

Searching for education in the Canadian TM database gave these results:

Canadian Trade-marks Database

Currently, it might be interesting for you to know that "EDUCATION" is a Canadian trademark held by DESJARDINS SÉCURITÉ FINANCIÈRE, COMPAGNIE D'ASSURANCE VIE.;jsessionid=00000_4Qui1iSOU4s6B_oZHXRQk:1247nfca5?language=eng&fileNumber=0621189&extension=0&startingDocumentIndexOnPage=191

There are another 456 examples.

In a marked way ...