Types of Intellectual Property

Types of Intellectual Property

by Dan McGuire -
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Types of Intellectual Property

When we look at physical property, we can all recognize the variety of ‘properties’. Real Estate is substantially different from the stuff found in the kitchen ‘junk drawer’. Intellectual Property has a similar variety of types, differentiated by what is protected, how it is protected and how it ‘becomes’ property.

Ideas We all own our ideas. As long as those ideas are kept in my head, no one but myself can do anything with them. Of course it is hard to do anything if we keep those ideas locked up.

Patents are legal registrations that protect useful objects. Patents apply to such things as the can opener in the junk drawer, the electronics in your DVD player.

Trademarks for some businesses, trademarks may be the most valuable ‘property’ they posses. A trademark is a unique name, symbol or combination of the two that identifies a company and its products. McDonalds may refer to the neighbor’s house – but most of us recognize McDonalds as the name of a restaurant because, combined with the ‘golden arches’ it has been registered as a trademark.

Trade Secret Does anyone know the formulae for Coca-Cola? I assume the people making Coca-Cola do, not many people outside the company do though. That formula is protected as a ‘trade secret’. There are legal consequences if an employee of Coca-Cola were to disclose that secret.

Copyright is probably the largest area of intellectual property. Copyright protects the expression of creative ideas. Prose, Poetry, Lyrics, Music, Dance, Paintings, and Sculptures – essentially anything that can be described as creative is protected by copyright. Not many people hold a patent, own a trademark or harbor a trade secret – but a very large number of people own the copyright on something!

Can anyone think of another example of Intellectual Property?

What about information?

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Intellectual Property live session with Leigh Blackall

by Sylvia Currie -
Here is the audio recording for Leigh Blackall's session on Intellectual Property. as part of the Future of Learning in a Networked World conference The live session took place in Second Life.

I notice on the FLNW itinerary Leigh will be doing another presentation on January 28, 2008 as part of the Linux conference. They're still working on the details of where but here's the description:

A look at Otago Polytechnic's Intellectual Property Policy: The use of Blogs, Wikis and RSS in the development of digital literacy and network awareness : issues and considerations. This presentation will be made via Skypecast with slides on Slideshare and/or Flickr. I am hoping to also use Second Life but have a steep learning curve in a short space of time for that... TBA. Leigh Blackall is an educational developer at Otago Polytechnic and specialises in open educational development and the use of socially constructed and networked media in education.

Also, participants here may be interested in checking out Leigh's presentation at The Future of Education conference (FOE) organized through the Univeristy of Manitoba. David Wiley's presentation at FOE is also very relevant to the IP topic. There's a podcast feed for all presentations as well.