Welcome to the Intellectual Property Seminar Discussion

Welcome to the Intellectual Property Seminar Discussion

by Sylvia Currie -
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Welcome to the 3-week seminar discussion on Intellectual Property! This is such relevant topic to EVERYONE involved in education and we look forward to hearing your stories and questions.

This is our first seminar in a series that SCoPE is organizing in collaboration with the British Columbia Educational Technology Users Group. ETUG is a grassroots group that has been actively organizing activities and generally keeping a pulse on the ed tech professional development needs of BC educators since 1994.

We're thrilled that Dan McGuire has volunteered to facilitate this discussion. Dan is the Digital Licensing Specialist at Simon Fraser University and comes to us with years of experience in this area. I expect many educators in British Columbia have contacted Dan at one time or another for advice!

I would also like to extend a warm welcome to participants in The Future of Learning in a Networked World conference. Our SCoPE seminar is on the roster of activities for this open space conference which officially begins January 16. Of particular note is a live session on Intellectual Property.
Leigh Blackall talks about steps taken by Otago Polytechnic towards an IP policy that embraces individual IP ownership, organisational use of Creative Commons Attribution license, extensive use of Wikieducator.org for content development, and various Web 2.0 web services for content and learning facilitation.
Check the FLNW itinerary for details.

We're looking forward to learning about challenges, questions, and best practices in other provinces and countries.

Sylvia Currie
SCoPE Community Coordinator and loyal ETUG member :-)