Collaborate Online: December 5 - 16, 2007



by Janet Salmons -
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Our time has ended...but I hope our conversations about collaboration will continue in other events and discussions. Once I catch my breath I will add some materials to the wiki. I will keep the SCoPE community posted when new events are scheduled next spring.

FYI-- I am continuing my research on the Taxonomy of Collaborative E-Learning. If you design, plan and/or teach higher ed courses online with collaborative methods-- and you'd be willing to meet with me for an hour or so-- please contact me at

Thank you for your thoughtful participation. I've enjoyed meeting you in the Elluminate sessions and the discussion here. Happy Holidays!


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Re: Closure and thanks everyone!

by Sylvia Currie -
I can sure relate to Janet's "once I catch my breath" comment. It's a busy time of year, and we've managed to squeeze in a lot in less than 2 weeks! The Elluminate sessions were lively and well-attended. It's a nice combination -- getting together for an intensive, focused presentation/discussion then bringing it back to the asynchronous forum in SCoPE to expand, reflect, and ask more questions. Thanks Janet and for this online collaboration!

We're left with fantastic resources and tools to use in our own work. Be sure to check out the Collaborate Online wiki to see if you have some tools, tips, or other items to add.

Our next seminar is Intellectual Property January 9 - 29, 2008 with Dan McGuire, Digital Licensing Specialist at Simon Fraser University. Hope to see you all there!

Sylvia Currie
Community Coordinator
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Re: Closure

by Jeffrey Keefer -

Janet, this was a wonderful session. Like any of the other sessions I attend here at SCoPE, there is always so much great content and ideas and never enough time to process them. You only whetted our appetites for more and more, and I hope to speak with you again in the future about your research and model(s).

Enjoy the holidays.

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Re: Closure

by Robin Yap -

Great session Janet. Thank you. Last week has been a winding down time for me as well as we close the year so I've been a bit quiet online but have been reading the discussion. Looking forward to future sessions. Have a great holiday!