Collaborate Online: December 5 - 16, 2007

Mind map tools for collaboration (new topic split from a different thread)

Re: Mind map tools for collaboration (new topic split from a different thread)

by Therese Weel -
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Posting to say thank you Janet for this seminar this month.

There are a lot of lurkers in SCoPE - and this month I was one of them. I enjoyed listening to the elluminate presentations as ambient sound. The PDF's lay out your ideas nicely.

I have used all three models. With my online friends it has been primarily peer review and dialogue. In my system implementation days we worked under a project manager doing sequential collaboration. On rare occasions - in person and online, with people who know each other well, I have had the pleasure of being part of a synergistic model. I am happy to now put names to these collaboration models.

I've been busy setting up a collaboration tool for work this month.

Playing with Hiveminder

Which is a simpler cousin of the popular open source IT Support tool RT

What I like about hiveminder is that it uses tags to classify your todo lists and has useful features such as the brain dump which makes it easy to add your tasks at the end of the day. The other feature which is invaluable is that it is email based - email reply's are added to the comments for each task. The person who is responding doesn't need to be a hiveminder user. Each morning project group members can get a summary of the priorities for the day ahead. It integrates with google calendar as well.

So this is one to look at if you are in the market for for a backpack-type collaboration tool.

Happy Holidays Everyone!