Relating interview approach to selection of communications technology

Relating interview approach to selection of communications technology

by Janet Salmons -
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In the Elluminate session I suggested that major inter-related design decisions involve the level of structure in the interview, and how the level of structure relates to

1. The purpose of the research and methodology;

2. The amount of preparation in terms of formulation of questions.


3. The appropriate information and communications technology (ICT) to use. These decisions are influenced by your sample population's access and availability to selected ICTs – and also to the experience of the researcher.

I introduced this model, where I aimed to point out the kinds of preparation involved at various levels of interview structure.

Naturally, an interview might combine different kinds of questions. But clearly preparation for an interview conducted in writing (text-based or Second Life) will require a different consideration than one conducted using audio (meeting space or videoconference).

Interview structure and preparation


As a researcher you will need to defend your will you do so? As an instructor you must evaluate researchers' research will you do so? Let's discuss these issues so fundamental to planning and conducting online interviews.

(If you are following along in your book, we are drawing on Chapters 2 and 6 in this discussion!)