Collaborate Online: December 5 - 16, 2007



by Janet Salmons -
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Hello everyone,

I look forward to meeting you, here and in the live Elluminate session. Keep in mind that the live sessions will be archived-- I will post a link when it becomes available. In this area we will follow-up on, analyze and apply the ideas presented in the webinars. I'll also post links to resources related to the topics of the session.

I hope that we can use this space to talk more specifically about your questions and interests. Have you participated in collaborative projects (or projects where collaboration was intended) only to find frustration instead of creativity? How you made team assignments only to see people either complete them individually or allow one or two to carry the load while others coast? DoThis webinar presents a model that can be used as a framework for planning and organizing collaborative work. Please share your dilemmas and successes for discussion here.

See you online!