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by Emma Duke-Williams -
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From Re: Instructional Designers Network by scurrie on Monday 03 December 2007 08:18:00:
To activate smart copy open up a discussion thread (i.e. not in reply mode) then hit shift-ctrl-s

This is very weird. As I said, I'm using Flock - which is Firefox based. When I wrote the previous message, I quoted you and in this reply window it said "From Re: blah blah blah and then the message.

I've just noticed now that the message I wrote has the quote from you (the message that I sent as 12.28 & starts out Thanks, Deirdre - which is what you'd already say). Anyway, it's got the quote, but not the fact that you said it.
I hit "reply" to say that I thought I'd seen the information before I wrote it.
When I'd hit reply & got to see my message, there was the "From blah, blah".

I went back to the discussion view, and the from blah blah had gone.

I'm now replying to this one. Right at the top, it's saying "From...". I've a sneaking suspicion that when I post it, suddenly the "from" will disappear.


P.S. It has.

(Edited by Sylvia Currie - original submission Monday, 3 December 2007, 09:57 AM)

p.s. Emma, thanks so much for finding this little weird thing! I've reported it to the SFU tech folks and the solution will probably be quite clear to them. Cheers! Sylvia