Learn Together Strategy & Planning Day - UCIPD Invitation

Learn Together Strategy & Planning Day - UCIPD Invitation

by Paul Stacey -
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Dear UCIPD Colleagues:

I'm pleased to extend the attached invitation to UCIPD for five members to attend a Learn Together Strategy and Planning Day on Jan. 14, 2008. This event brings together SCETUG, UCIPD and the Northern Developers Network for the first time, to share current activities, discuss plans, and work toward common aspirations. I look forward to it being the first of many such collaborations supporting the build out of professional development capacity across post secondary.

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Re: Learn Together Strategy & Planning Day - UCIPD Invitation

by Penny Heaslip -

Dear Colleagues

I have indicated to Paul Stacey that I would be interested in attending the Jan 14th meeting as one of the five representatives from the UICPD group. Paul suggested and I think it is a good idea that selection of the representatives be vetted through the UCIPD members or if we are not going to decide who will represent our group then we need to indicate that representatives will be selected by some other means. I am requesting that we decide how we would like to address representation from our group and we need to have that discussion now so that individuals can be named and Paul Stacey can be informed.

Here is my suggestion to get the conversation going:  

Vancouver Island                          1 represenative

Vancouver and area                      2 represenatives

Northern BC                                 1 representative

Interior BC /South Eastern BC        1 represenative

Secondly, given the call for represenatives is to establish a new proposal to use the remainder of the BCCampus PD funding the group represenatives need to be prepared to write / design a  proposal.  

Looking forward to your ideas. 

Penny Heaslip BsN, MEd, RN

Coordinator, Centre for Teaching and Learning

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Re: Learn Together Strategy & Planning Day - UCIPD Invitation

by Jan Johnson -
Hi Penny and others,

Thanks for your interest in this invitation from Paul Stacey at BCcampus to UCIPD, SCETUG and the Northern Developers Group, and for your suggestion about one of the approaches we could use to determine who will be attending on behalf of UCIPD.

The planning team members (Nancy Randall, Malaspina University College; Nancy Sly, Camosun College; Bill Owen, UNBC; Stephanie Chu, SFU; and Jan Johnson, UBC) are meeting by phone tomorrow morning to discuss the invitation and possible approaches we might suggest for identifying who the five representatives from UCIPD may be.

We would be very pleased to hear from others who are either interested in attending the meeting as a UCIPD representative, or who have suggestions around process.


Jan Johnson

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Re: Learn Together Strategy & Planning Day - UCIPD Invitation

by Jan Johnson -
Hi everyone,

Thanks very much to those who indicated an interest in attending this BCcampus sponsored Planning Day as representatives of UCIPD. Unfortunately, as is frequently the situation, more people were interested in attending than there were spaces available. As a planning team, we worked to identify a "representative" group of representatives, who have committed to sharing the day's discussions broadly with everyone.

The five members of UCIPD who will attend the January 14, 2008 BCcampus sponsored Planning Day on your behalf are:

  • Nancy Randall, Malaspina University College (member of the UCIPD Planning Team)
  • Nancy Sly, Camosun College (member of the UCIPD Planning Team)
  • Stephanie Chu, Simon Fraser University (member of the UCIPD Planning Team)
  • Doug Hamilton, Royal Roads University
  • Penny Heaslip, Thompson Rivers University
Bill Owen, University of Northern British Columbia, is also a member of the UCIPD Planning Team. Bill will be attending the meeting as one of the five representatives from the Northern Educational Developers Network, and may also occasionally speak with respect to UCIPD.

I will be attending to provide background and context regarding the Learn Together report that I did for BCcampus. I may also occasionally speak with respect to UCIPD, as a member of the UCIPD Planning Team.

Thanks again for your interest, everyone - we will let you know how the collaborative discussions proceed on January 14.

Best wishes to you and yours for a happy, healthy, and relaxing holiday season!



Janice Johnson
Facilitator & Instructional Developer
Centre for Teaching & Academic Growth
University of British Columbia