Ending This Seminar, but Continuing the Discussion in SCoPE

Re: Ending This Seminar, but Continuing the Discussion in SCoPE

by Sylvia Currie -
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Thank you everyone for all of your thoughtful contributions to this seminar. One thing for sure, we've moved far beyond feature comparison charts of the 90s when making decisions about learning mangement systems! A very important point that sticks with me is how to ensure we involve the right people in making decisions, and also what kinds of decisions we need to be making (one or the other? personal or institutional?) Okay, that's two points :-) And there were many more!

As Liz mentions, the choice of learning managements is very current topic at SFU, and further discussion will talk place in the SFU SIG for sure. While the name implies that the discussions there are of interest to SFU only, all are welcome! Thanks, Liz, for helping to ensure we do in fact involve everyone in these discussions!

We'll be taking a break from scheduled SCoPE seminars until January to allow the holidays to happen. As always, I'm anxious to hear from you on ideas for future seminar topics. Just message me here in SCoPE or send email.

Sylvia Currie
Community Coordinator