Live Session: Vidyo for online interviews

Re: Live Session: Vidyo for online interviews

by Janet Salmons -
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The session about online interviews with videoconferencing is now online! In this session we discuss features of Vidyo Corocall, as well as the ways they can be used for research.

Many of the points made in this presentation would apply to a "video call" such as Skype as well as videoconference facilities.

There are a few particular advantages of the more fully functioning desktop videoconferencing demonstrated with Corocall. This kind of tool include ability to use shared applications for visual elicitation or collaboration, or for shared manipulation of software or other research tools. This option would make it useful for the sorting process involved with Q method, for example.

You can record (and edit) the interview event.

It offers the ability to conduct group interviews or focus groups. As many as 8 people can be online, on camera. Since multiple people can be in the "room" but not on camera, it is possible to have observers. Needless to say, covert observers would be unethical. However, with the research participant's agreement, observation by a research assistant could be useful.This observational capacity would allow instructors and students to demonstrate and practice interview skills in an instructional situation.

Contact information for Martin is posted in this forum, if you have additional questions about the capacity or potential research applications of Corocall.

While our seminar is now formally over, I will answer questions you may have about this presentation.