Live Session: Elluminate for online interviews

Live Session: Elluminate for online interviews

by Sylvia Currie -
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As Janet mentioned we are scheduling synchronous sessions next week to demonstrate and discuss some ways to use online tools for online interviews. Based on the Using Elluminate for Online Interviews Doodle poll results, 21:00 GMT works for 12 of the 18 people who voted.

Sorry we can't accommodate everyone! The session will be recorded, and Janet has generously offered to schedule a second session if there is interest. approve

Where: SCoPE Elluminate Room
When: Monday, January 25, 2010 at 21:00 GMT - Check time and date for your time zone

You will need an audio set up, ideally with a microphone. If you have not previously attended an Elluminate Live web conference, please take 5 minutes well before the session to visit and follow the steps for first time users. A small Java applet will request access to your PC the first time you use Elluminate, but only the first time.

Here is a tinyurl for the Elluminate Room which is handy if you're inviting colleagues by email or twitter:
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Re: Live Session: Elluminate for online interviews

by Janet Salmons -

I look forward to meeting with you in Elluminate on Monday-- and to sharing with anyone who views the archived version.

For those who are following along in the book, Elluminate is what I call a "multi-channel meeting space." Other products of this kind are WebEx and Breeze; free options are possible with DimDim and WizIQ.

I will discuss some points from Chapters 6 and 7 about preparing for and conducting an interview in a multi-channel meeting space. I will focus on and demonstrate some of the unique options for visual research covered in Chapter 8.

See you there!


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Re: Live Session: Elluminate for online interviews

by Bronwyn Stuckey -

I am very interested in the use of visual content and activities as part of the interview. I hope there will be time in our meeting to talk about the Q Method as it particularly interests me as an interesting trigger to discussion. In reading the book it seemed to me that there was a lot more, even if simple hooks, that I could be doing to enliven my interviews (both for interviewees and for myself). I usually use skype with just VOIP (no video) .

I have a set of interviews coming up in the next month or and am honing in on practices that will make them effective and rewarding. I will be interviewing K-12 teachers about their use of unit of work in an online virtual world program and their sense of professional agency in implementation of the program. I will likely interview 20 people and I want to make sure that it is a lively, fresh and enjoyable experience eaqch time and yields quality data.

I am even considering the unstructured end of the spectrum and allowing interviewees to tell their story but am uncertain of how to implement/scaffold this effectively and creatively.

MMM... lots to consider....
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Re: Live Session: Elluminate for online interviews

by Janet Salmons -
It sounds like you have mainly used VOIP as you might a phone interview. I hope the sessions in Elluminate and Vidyo Corocall will give you some new ideas...

I can introduce you to my friend (and co-editor for the Handbook of Research on Electronic Collaboration) Lynn Wilson. She is experienced with Q method.

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Recording: Using Multi-Channel Meeting Spaces for Online Interviews

by Sylvia Currie -
Thanks again Janet and everyone for the interesting session today. Here is the Elluminate recording for those who were unable to attend, or who wish to revisit the session. I uploaded an (MP3 11 MB) as well, and the text chat transcript (RTF 16 KB)
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Re: Recording: Using Multi-Channel Meeting Spaces for Online Interviews

by Emma Duke-Williams -
Thanks for the archive, Sylvia; I was enjoying it until I kept getting booted out!

I'll go and listen to the last 15 mins or so now.

Thanks for organising it, Janet.