Executive Introductions (June 2015) and Terms of Reference (April 2016)


As former Co-Chairs of the BC and Yukon Universities, Colleges and Institutes Professional Development Group (UCIPD - initially established in 1988 by Diane Morrison, under the auspices of the Centre for Curriculum and Professional Development), Nancy Sly (Camosun College), Heather Smith (UNBC) and I (UBC) want to thank you for your membership in and ongoing support for this group, which we think is extremely important. One of the things we have valued most over the years has been the grassroots orientation and inclusive membership, which we look forward to seeing continue into the future. We have enjoyed meeting all of you through the years and the organization (all of you!) have made us feel welcome and taught us so much!

We value the feedback you have offered as we moved forward in developing a Terms of Reference for our new entity - the BC Teaching & Learning Network. I have (again) attached the Terms of Reference to this email for your information.

The folks who have stepped forward to take on the leadership of the BCTLN as it moves into the future are:

Isabeau Iqbal  (UBC) - chair
Jennifer Jasper (Justice Institute) - chair elect
Theresa Southam (Selkirk) - member at large
Eric Kristensen (independent consultant, formerly Capilano University) - member at large
Tracy Summerville (UNBC) - member at large

We wish them all the best as they take on these roles, and ask you to support them as you have supported us over the years!

See you at the next meeting!

Kind regards,

Nancy Sly (Camosun College), Heather Smith (UNBC) and Jan Johnson (UBC)