# 5: Activities Database

A collection of your critiqued online activities supported by Moodle.

This is the final activity.  Once your group has developed an online activity supported by Moodle, enter the details about it in this database.  Once everyone has contributed to the database, we will have a useful collection of well-designed activities to refer to.


Title_of_Activity: User created glossary of Moodle terms
Learning_Outcome: Learners will create a glossary entry with details on one feature of Moodle.
  • Create small groups (3-4 students per)
  • Each student does a trial entry in a practice glossary of a term they choose
  • Each student is assigned one Moodle term to define
  • Student researches definition and posts an entry in their group forum
  • Each student comments on each others definition until consensus is reached
  • Final definition is posted to Glossary (possible extension to wiki)

  • Instructor assessment of final definition (50%)
  • Instructor assessment of forum discussion and participation (50%)