# 5: Activities Database

A collection of your critiqued online activities supported by Moodle.

This is the final activity.  Once your group has developed an online activity supported by Moodle, enter the details about it in this database.  Once everyone has contributed to the database, we will have a useful collection of well-designed activities to refer to.


Assessment: [[Assessment]]
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Title_of_Activity:User created glossary of Moodle terms
  • Collaborative
  • Introduce the technology
  • Measure process and product
Learning_Outcome:Learners will create a glossary entry with details on one feature of Moodle.
  • Create small groups (3-4 students per)
  • Each student does a trial entry in a practice glossary of a term they choose
  • Each student is assigned one Moodle term to define
  • Student researches definition and posts an entry in their group forum
  • Each student comments on each others definition until consensus is reached
  • Final definition is posted to Glossary (possible extension to wiki)
  • Instructor assessment of final definition (50%)
  • Instructor assessment of forum discussion and participation (50%)

Title_of_Activity:Group and Class Introductions
Principle:Peer to Peer Collaboration

Learning_Outcome:Students will learn:
  • something about each other via introductions
  • how to collaborate in the online environment
  • how to use group function to connect in Moodle
Activity_Description:1. Each group of students will use the Chat Module to have a small group discussion to: introduce themselves to each other, share why they're taking the course, and identify three top interests of the group to share with whole class.
2.  Within the group they'll also decide who will introduce who in the Forum Module.
3.  They go into Forum and introduce their person, and identify the three top interests of their group.

Assessment:Participation of all students in the class in the group chat and in the forum.

Title_of_Activity:Scavenger Hunt
Principle:See here
Learning_Outcome:On completion of this activity the student will be able to identify major features of the Moodle course website such as gradebook, assignments, calendar, forums, chat and resource pages.
Activity_Description:Through the link on the main page complete the following tasks.

Look up the term "newby" inthe Glossary

Send an e-mail saying hello to the instructor

In the "Scavenger Hunt" forum post a comment describing one thing you learned or one thing you found interesting as a result of this exercise.

Reply to another student's post in the "Scavenger Hunt" forum.
Assessment:Students will post a comment to indicate they have completed the task.


Peer to peer collaboration


Group work/peer to peer collaboration
Learning_Outcome:By the end of this activity students should know how to participate in a Moodle environment using peer to peer collaboration.
Activity_Description: Moodle Tools : wiki,forum, chat

Learning Activity : We are going assign students into groups of three. In the groups they will select a topic from a list and they will begin to identify what that topic means to them. For example: your personal hero, what makes him a hero to you. The group will compile three attributes that they have in common. And why they are important to them. A paragraph will be created for each attribute describing why those attributes were selected and why it’s important to them.

1. The first mark will be assigned individually based on the quality of the paragraph produced (10%)

2. The second mark will be a group mark based on wiki contributions (10%)

3. The third mark will be a reflectiveself-assessment (10%)