Learning Activities

Sharing in Studio

During FLO Design, you are asked to share your design plan as it evolves. During the first week, you share your choices and purpose (or mission). Then, as you explore new approaches or develop different parts of your design, you'll share your changes in each week's Studio forum. This weekly reporting allows your facilitators and peers to ask clarifying questions or provide constructive suggestions.

As part of your learning each week, we ask that you try to review the evolving projects of others. Share your responses to the evolving designs (from your perspective as a potential learner or using your background and experience as an instructor or instructional designer. Giving and receiving feedback is a valuable part of learning.

Feedback should be:

  • descriptive (specific) not evaluative
  • identify strengths or positive effects first
  • be framed with "I" statements not "you"
  • be helpful not hurtful
  • provide suggestions for change (that can be accepted or put aside)
  • establish an opening for further dialogue.

In addition, a basic list of elements of online learning to think about will be provided to deepen the quality of the feedback provided - as the plans evolve.