Learning Activities

The key learning activities in FLO Design are:

  • Review weekly Overviews: Each week features a different Moodle "book" that introduces new ideas and approaches to online learning design.

  • Develop your Design Project (i.e., the plan and supporting details for a short online learning (2-3 weeks) experience.)
  • Participate in weekly Studio Forums:  share your progress and receive feedback from FLO facilitators and peers; in turn, take time to review and provide constructive feedback to others each week.

  • Reflective practice:  record thoughts and ideas each week in a personal learning journal; share highlights or specific "aha" moments in the weekly Reflections forum.
  • Assessment:  use the FLO Design Rubric to self-assess your learning (see Assessment chapter).  Constructive feedback from FLO facilitators will help you improve your online learning design skills and understanding.