Tracking Your Progress

Each week in FLO Design engages learners in activities of reflection and application. You'll be developing your Design Project, reading or viewing different presentation of theories and perspectives of how people learn and ways to design for learning.

As you share your progress in Studio forums, you'll have the opportunity to explain your choices and intentions and receive helpful questions and suggestions to improve your design. Taking time to review other design projects can broaden your perspectives and provide new ideas.

We'll post a "thinking question" early each week in the Weekly Reflections Forum. Post your responses and any "nuggets" you choose to share from your personal learning journals by the end of each week. Part of your reflections could include consideration of elements identified in the FLO Design Rubric.

We've embedded a few ways for you to track your progress and to identify what you should (and have) accomplished each week.

1.  Schedule - the table of weekly tasks, events and dates, found in the Hub

2.  Checklists - found in each weekly section, the checklists can be edited by participants and used to "check off" what's been accomplished.

3.  Studio Feedback - weekly sharing in Studio will be open and developmental following the constructive feedback guidelines provided.

4.  Feedback on the final designs presented in Showcase sessions will utilize structured feedback forms - these will be completed by Facilitators. Participants may still provide final responses, suggestions or other feedback.