Course Flow

FLO Design uses a project-based approach to enable you to apply what you are learning and to develop a meaningful artifact during the course. You will be are encouraged to try new design or pedagogical approaches in a supportive and interactive environment.

We encourage you to monitor your learning each week and ask you to share some highlights or questions with others in weekly reflective forums.

The FLO Design course integrates a collaborative "studio" model of delivery where participants are asked to share what they are designing each week, and take time to review some of the designs of their peer. The collaborative weekly studio forums::

  • provide opportunities to ask questions, test ideas and discuss pedagogical choices with peers and facilitators;
  • establish milestones to keep everyone "on track" and focused on their design projects; and
  • encourage creativity and risk-taking with appropriate feedback and support.
Weekly activities

Week 1:  Welcome, introduction to course, choose a topic or theme for your Design Project (i.e., the unit of learning you want to design), share your progress in Studio forum, share some reflections on learning in Reflections forum;

Week 2: review ideas about how to design; choose an approach or pedagogical perspective to guide you; develop a plan, share progress in Studio forum, share some reflections on your learning in Reflections forum.

Week 3:  Continue to 'build' your design, create a visual "map" - identify a brief learning activity, share ideas, collect feedback in Studio, share some reflections on your learning in Reflections forum; 

Week 4:  Prepare and present design (with visual) and a prototype activity in Studio Showcase.

FLO Design Activities (see larger image in (FLO Design Visuals Gallery)

a visual of course activities