9. Associated Technology

The system that is required for micro-credentials tracks credentials earned is independent of learning management systems and provides a place where students can share their certifications with potential employers.

Blockchain is proving to be an applicable technology with its use of smart contracts and digital ledger system. An example of a Canadian company working in this area and serving the micro certification needs in Ontario is Learning Agents. Their micro-certification product is called CanCred and it has two parts: CanCred Factory (system for institutions to offer and record micro certifications) and CanCred Locker (system for learners to display micro-certifications).

In 2020 a new credential wallet called MyCreds.ca was introduced by Association of Registrars of the Universities & Colleges of Canada (ARUCC). The wallet can contain all of the learner's credentials - including microcredentials and badges. 

Mozilla's original product for learners (Backpack) was handed off to Badgr and standards for their open badges system is now part of IMS Global.