13. Best Practices for Micro Credentials

  • Think small - narrow down the competency. Not a course.
  • Key employer / psi collaboration = success.
  • Skill needs to be assessed. There needs to be rigor.
  • Needs to be support to institutions
  • Endorsement from institutions

[personal communication with Lena Patterson and Emma Gooch,  EcampusOntario, May 21, 2020]

Characteristics of badges as a microcredential (Oliver, 2016b):

  • Granular
  • Stackable
  • Evidentiary
  • Personalized
  • Machine readable

 American Council on Education in SUNY's Whitepaper - Best Practices

  • Transparency - be clear about what competencies are focused on and the relationship with other micro-credentials
  • Modularity (stackable)
  • Portability - the microcredential has value locally, nationally and/or betond.
  • Relevant
  • Validity - both predictive validity and concurrent validity
  • Equity - all students should have an equal opportunity to succeed.

Quality is important as it is in any qualification. The following is a nice summary of how quality is measured in different countries (Kato et al, 2020):