3. About the course tools

We have had success using Moodle for Facilitating Learning Online courses. 

Moodle offers flexible options to link to and integrate outside tools and content, as well as to control the openness of a course. In a cohort-based model this single sign on/member management is useful.

A centralized HUB for course content and activities and the ability to self manage subscriptions and notifications makes it easy to stay on top of expectations and course contributions. Also, broadcast and collaborative communication tools are essential. 

Other go-to course tools include Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides. For web conferences we tend to use Collaborate Ultra.

Having said that, each course is different and we always encourage further tool exploration and learning. We have two mottos that guide this:

  • You don't know till you try! 
  • What's the worst thing that could happen? (Sometimes we find out! 8-o )

This approach works well when you have an open Q&A type forum to ask questions and many willing peers to offer support!