FLO Learning Outcomes

Learning Outcomes - Learning Activities

The following list identifies the intended learning outcomes for guided learning activities (also referred to as mini-sessions) and the ongoing activities that each participant completes regularly through the five weeks. Teams of participants will use these ILOs to guide their facilitation of weekly activities.

Although formal learning assessment is not required, team facilitators will be asked to reflect on participant (and their own) learning when they complete the post-session FLIF form ("FLIF" stands for Feel, Like, Improve, Feedback).

In addition, participants reflect on their learning experience and provide feedback to the team facilitators.

Weekly Activities

Intended learning outcomes for each mini-session

Mini-session facilitators:
• Critically evaluate facilitation, participation and learning

Mini-session participants:
• Provide constructive, growth-oriented feedback

Diversity of Learners

  • Explore the needs of diverse adult learners
  • Identify benefits and challenges of online learning
  • Discuss potential instructor responses to support learning
  • Responsive Facilitation

  • Identify potential facilitation responses to address the concerns of learners expressed during a mid-point course evaluation
  • Recommend a range of facilitation practices to support student engagement and success online
  • Collaboration

  • Recognize team dynamics that affect collaborative learning groups
  • Propose different strategies to support collaborative teams
  • Reflective Practice

  • Critically reflect on feedback and course experiences to self-evaluate work and learning
  • Identify potential future applications of learning to practice
  • General Activities

    Introductions Forum

  • Develop and support online community
  • Share personal or professional information to begin to build a sense of community
  • Respond to other participants' introductions
  • Building Online Community Forum
  • Explore the "Community of Inquiry" model
  • Recognize facilitation strategies that develop social and teaching presence
  • Reflect and discuss strategies for initially engaging learners in an online learning community
  • Weekly Journal Share Forum
  • Reflect on learning throughout the course through own contributions and responses to others' contributions
  • Maintain awareness about own course participation