Earning a FLO Certificate

Successful completion of the Facilitating Learning Online workshop requires that you attend to two different roles in the workshop: learner and facilitator. There are several tasks and performance criteria associated with each role.

As outlined in pages above, there are multiple methods for reflecting on and assessing your learning and participation. The Intended Learning Outcomes and FLO Rubric will help you to monitor your progress. What you (and others) take away from FLO is wholly dependent on what you contribute. 

At the end of the FLO workshop, YOU determine if you have earned your Certificate. Use these questions to guide your decision:

  1. Have I reflected on my own participation (quantity and quality) in the workshop?
  2. Did I support the Facilitation Teams by participating in their learning activities and providing feedback?
  3. Did I satisfy the criteria for the 3 FLO badges?

During Week 5 you will have access to a tool to indicate your workshop completion status.

When to withdraw from FLO

Sometimes there are circumstances that prevent us from participating as often and as fully as we would like in a course. If you find that you are unable to complete the minimum tasks outlined for the FLO Certificate, then it is best to withdraw and try for a future offering. Notify the FLO facilitators of your intentions. In fairness to all participants, there is no "audit" option for this workshop.