About the Course Content

The materials and design of this workshop build on the open educational resource that has been available in various iterations through Royal Roads University (RRU) since 2005. The design is based on the Instructional Skills Workshop in that activities provide an authentic environment for faculty to learn about and practice skills related to facilitating learning. 

Important differences between the face-to-face ISW and the FLO:

  • FLO is about online facilitation, and learning, whereas the ISW is about teaching in face-to-face settings.
  • The topics you will be facilitating in FLO are about teaching and learning, whereas ISW lessons are on any topic. 

In September, 2013 the workshop was revised and implemented at BCcampus - SCoPE for the first time. Since that date FLO has been revised and offered many times, awarding certificates to faculty and staff from post-secondary institutions across the province.

In February 2015, the name of the workshop changed from Instructional Skills Workshop Online (ISWO) to Facilitating Learning Online (FLO), to more closely reflect the focus on online facilitation.

In February 2016, FLO-FDO facilitators participated in a 2 day Design Sprint to integrate a new design and delivery model for FLO, incorporating feedback from participants and graduates of Facilitating Learning Online (FLO) and Facilitator Development Online (FDO) workshops. The "new" FLO deepens the emphasis on facilitation and collaborative learning and scaffolds the team facilitation activities more effectively.

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