FLO Learning Activities

Learning Journal

Learning JournalPart 1 - Journal and share weekly "nuggets" as we go...

We're fans of learning journals. We know that unless and until we actually jot notes as we go, notes that move "hey neat" ideas toward application and implementation, we often lose many of the details that could help us transform ideas/thoughts into action.

So, you're asked to record what you are learning and want to remember in the form of a journal.

As you go, you’ll encounter some readings that you think are terrific (and some...not so much).  You'll think some of your colleagues' ideas are brilliant (and some...not so much). Some of the teaching strategies and technology tools will resonate with you more than others. Get these thoughts down before they get jumbled with others and lose their usefulness to you.

Keep the criteria for self-assessment of participation (FLO Rubrics) in mind as you capture your thoughts about the week's experiences. 

You are welcome to use whatever format you like for your journal (blog, paper notebook, Google doc, etc) - it is your own journal, which you may keep private if you choose.

And, each week review your journal and extract an "aha" moment. This could be a quotation from a reading or forum that made something clear or made your smile. Also, share some insights you gleaned from self-assessing your participation each week (using the FLO Rubrics). Post these nuggets from your journal to the Weekly Journal Share forum

Note: You will find some journal prompt questions in the Weekly Journal Share Forum.

Part 2 - Collect for Final Sharing Activity

During the Week 5 you'll be asked to participate in a final reflective activity called "Looking Back, Looking Forward". As you progress through the course, collect resources that you might use to illustrate or communicate your final reflections in a unique and creative way. That might include short videos, images (drawings or photographs), snippets of a particularly eloquent argument you put forward in a forum?