FLO Learning Activities

The key learning activities in FLO are:

  • Overviews: Found at the top of each week’s tabbed page, this document provides an explanation of the focus and theme for the week.

  • Facilitate / Participate
    • Your Weekly Activity: each week (after Week 1) you will take part in a facilitated learning activity (a mini-session) - either as a member of the team assigned to facilitate OR as a participant in the activity. (You will co-facilitate one mini-session during the course.)
      • If you are part of the facilitation team that week, you'll be asked to reflect on the feedback you get, and complete/submit a "FLIF" (Feel, Like, Improve, Feedback) reflection.
      • If you are a participant, you'll be asked to provide constructive feedback to the week's facilitation team members.

  • Weekly Journal Share:

    • Reflect and record the what, so what and next steps you will take away from FLO, and share a "nugget" or two with everyone each week.
    • Include in your weekly journal share post your self-assessment of your own participation using the FLO Rubric.