Roles of Your FLO Facilitators

Throughout FLO, you'll notice that our role as course facilitators changes, depending on what's going on in each week.

In the beginning, we play a more active role in facilitating the learning activities, posing questions, and answering queries from you and your fellow participants. 

After our modelling of facilitation during the Week 1 discussion activity, we'll step back a bit to make way for you to lead the discussions and other activities (i.e., your team facilitated activities). We'll assist in the planning and organization of each session and participate in the feedback cycle (and overall course management), but we'll expect that you will take on an increasingly active role in the maintenance of the online learning community.

So, although we may not participate in the activities, we are actively monitoring what's happening and seeking ways to enhance the learning opportunities available to you as session facilitators and participants.