Course Overview

Privacy and Confidentiality

Understanding privacy

Trust is an essential part of any successful online course. Our learning relies on the exchange of honest, constructive feedback, and we need to agree that our online learning environment will be private and confidential. Always seek permission to share content posted by participants.

If, during the course, you use free online services or social media to complete course activities, please ensure that you are familiar with the levels of privacy available, how the information will be stored and shared, and that any participants you involve are also aware of these aspects. 

Thank you for doing your part.

Access to this course space

This offering is accessible to the course participants, facilitators, special assistants (individuals who are supporting or preparing to facilitate the course in the future) and, occasionally, website administrators who we may call upon to assist with technical issues and editing. You will continue to have access to the course content and participants' contributions after the end date, and for as long as this website is supported.