1. Welcome Week 2 Facilitators!

In Week 2 you will notice that there are two mini-sessions:

  1. Adult Learners Online
  2. Course Review Task Force (Case Study)

The decision to engage in one or both mini-sessions will depend on how many participants are in FLO, and the size of our facilitation teams. If we decide to run with one mini-session, it will be first one, Adult Learners Online. In any case, the Course Review Task Force will remain available for those interested in reading the materials. 

"Back Pocket Strategies" are ideas, suggestions, and possibilities -- not requirements. They are intended to help – not limit – your thinking and planning your mini-session facilitation approach.

In keeping with that approach, there are intended learning outcomes for this week's mini-session. Refer to the Week 2 Overview for the full list of Intended Learning Outcomes and Assessment Criteria. This will guide your planning. 

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