Things to think about...

  • Do you think the instructor has some general misconceptions about the online instructor role(s)? If so, describe and relate to the readings and/or any theories of learning you’ve encountered.
  • Is the fact that the course has been pre-developed a problem here? If you think so, what would you suggest to address this?
  • Do you think students’ learning styles are part of the problem here? Why or why not? If so, how/can this be addressed in the redesign of this online course?
  • Can you find at least one blog post (or other online resource) that has useful strategies or insights to apply to this case? Explain how the strategies you used to find these resources. Feel free to share the resources and critique them as required.
  • Do you have any personal experiences you’d like to share that are similar to this case? If so, how/was the situation resolved?