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Time challenged? Read the first two on the list. 

  • Schwier, Richard A. (2002). Shaping the Metaphor of Community in Online Learning Environments (pdf). University of Saskatchewan, Paper presented to the International Symposium on Educational Conferencing. The Banff Centre, Banff, Alberta, June 1, 2002. 8 pages.
    Note: This fairly short paper discusses the elements of community and suggests implications for online learning communities. It is a fast, enjoyable read that, while pointing to challenges, also suggests ways to meet them.

  • RRU - CTET. (2008, Fall). Facilitating Online Learning (PDF) Tools for Teaching (T4T) Tipsheet, 1(2), 1-2.
    Note: This is a quick read and a must for for online facilitators!

  • Vesely, Pam, Bloom, Lisa, & Sherlock, John. (2007). Key Elements of Building Online Community: Comparing Faculty and Student Perceptions. MERLOT Journal of Online Learning and Teaching, 3(3), 234-246.

  • Cowley, J., Chanley, S., Downes, S., Holstrom, L., Ressel, D., Siemens, G., & Weisburgh, M. (2002, October 21). Online Facilitation pdf, elearnspace
    Note: This post briefly discusses 'Facilitation', from what it means to roles and responsibilities.


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