FLO Learning Activities

Back Pocket Strategies


"Back Pocket Strategies" are suggestions, ideas, possibilities – not requirements. They are intended to help – not limit – your thinking and planning your mini-session facilitation approach.

You are encouraged to experiment and take risks in FLO, so please feel free to use some, all, or none of what you find in the Back Pocket Strategy for your topic to meet the outcomes and provide a positive learning experience for your participants.

Thinking about using (or designing) an activity?

You may be able to find or design an activity for your learners that engages them in discussion, enriches their learning experience, and addresses different learning styles or preferences.

It could be something they do together online (e.g., role playing), or it may be something they do offline and report back about (e.g., research, talk to others, view media, use a simulation, etc.) The following is a checklist to consider when choosing a learning exercise or activity. Ideally, you want your answers to fall within the shaded boxes.

Is the activity relevant to the context and the participant group? Does it relate to the Learning Outcomes? + -
Are you clear about your reasons for using this particular activity? + -
Given the participant group, is the activity likely to build relationships and trust? + -
Is the activity fun and/or engaging? + -
Is it possible that the activity might create barriers rather than trust and safety? - +
Could the activity produce an unproductive level of discomfort or embarrassment for some participants? - +
Is the activity placed at a point in the group development where participants are ready for this kind of group work? + -
Is the group capable of providing the kind of safety that is required for this kind of activity? + -
Do you have enough time to properly debrief this activity? + -

© Paula Beltgens, Used with permission.