FLO Learning Activities

Self Assessment

One of the practical aspects of teaching and learning online is assessing participation. It’s an important topic, and so we’re going to “bookend” the FLO with it as follows:

  • At the beginning, you will choose a method to structure and guide your self-assessment of your own participation in the course. You may find rubrics helpful; there are examples provided or you can create your own. You may want to use a visual map or flowchart to highlight the important elements or behaviours you identify as important to evaluate.

  • Throughout the course, use the rubric (or your chosen method) to conduct some self-assessment about your participation. One way to ensure that you collect self-assessment information regularly is to integrate it with your weekly journal activity. You should contribute some reflections or thoughts about your self-assessment process to each Weekly Journal Share forum.

  • At the end, there will be a mini-session on this topic, facilitated by FLO participants. This will give you a chance to dig deeper and make plans for your future work online.

Choosing your self-assessment method is part of the early course activities and you will find some guidelines and examples there.