FLO Learning Activities

The key learning activities in the FLO are:

  • Readings and Resources: You will find a combination of journal articles, blog posts, tip sheets and videos listed  in a document (book) near the top of each week's tab page.
    The focus and theme for each week is explained in a brief overview and you will find further explanation in the Readings and Resources.

  • Discussions and Activities
    • Your Mini-session: co-facilitating an online activity on an assigned topic, reflecting on the feedback you get, and completing/submitting a "FLIF" (Feel, Like, Improve, Feedback) reflection (you will co-facilitate one mini-session during the course)

    • Participating in online discussions and activities (others' mini-sessions)

    • Self-assessing your participation using a rubric or other method of your choice

    • Giving constructive and timely feedback to facilitators on their mini-sessions

    • Learning Journal: use a learning journal to reflect and record the what, so what and next steps you will take away from ISWO. And, share a "nugget" or two with everyone each week.