Get Started - Design Project

Most learners find it easier to understand and remember complex concepts or information if they can apply new knowledge in some way. The Design Project is a chance for you to select an area of interest or a portion of an online course you need to (or want to) develop, and then use it as the focus of your applied learning.

We've asked you to limit your chosen project to take place over roughly 2-3 weeks of an online course. By narrowing the scope of your project, we believe you'll have time to step back, consider a wider range of options to inform your pedagogical choices, and integrate any new ideas or feedback that suits your needs.

As you develop your plan for your online unit of learning, we'll also ask you to select and describe/share a prototype learning activity.

Week 1 Design Project steps:

1.  Select a theme or topic for your unit of learning.

2.  Think carefully about your purpose or goal(s) - write a Mission statement for your unit of learning.

3.  Participate in the Interview activity (further details are shared in the Interview Activity document embedded in the Week 1 section).
Did the process make you rethink your draft Mission statement?

4. Interview reports will be posted to the Studio forum by the end of the week. Take time to review the topics and Mission statements. If you're interested in working with someone, post your request to the Studio forum before Week 2.

5. You are asked to post your selected topic and mission statement to the Week 1 Studio forum. Take time to review other postings. You are welcome to work with others or on your own but the choices should be made (and shared) before the start of Week 2.