FLO Design takes place primarily within a Moodle LMS (Learning Management System). Moodle is a popular open source LMS with a wide range of collaborative tools and activities to support online learning.

Once you've logged into the Moodle site, you'll see FLO Design in your list of courses. When you click on the course link, you'll be taken to the Hub section- the core area of the course that contains information that you may need to refer to throughout the course.

The default layout is a 3 column arrangement - with a Title Bar and Site Header that display on any open page in the course site.

a navigation layout for course site

The left column (1) contains the Navigation panel (also known as the navigation drawer) that provides access to the sections of this course, your profile, and other course information. If you like a less crowded layout, you can click on the "hamburger icon" (3 horizontal lines) to open or close the navigation panel.

The course content and activities are organized in sections that are displayed in the main (middle) part of the page:

  • The Hub - contains information such as the Course Handbook and Schedule that you may need to refer to throughout the course. You'll also find important Announcements from your facilitators and an Open Forum that we can all use to share general questions and ideas throughout the course. The Hub also contains FAQs (frequently asked questions) and help documents.
  • Pre-Course ORIENTATION
    This page will be available to you in the week prior to the official start of FLO Design. If you are unfamiliar with Moodle or you want to get a start on the course, you'll find orientation information, a discussion forum, and links to help documents, and some challenge activities that you can try to earn an Explorer badge.
  • Week 1, Week 2, Week 3, Week 4
    The weekly sections each contain:
    • a brief checklist of tasks;
    • an overview "book" of the relevant topics, detailed instructions for the week's activities (where required), readings, videos;
    • a Studio Forum for sharing each week's project progress; and,
    • a Weekly Reflections forum to share selected "nuggets" from your learning journal.

The right hand column (3) contains a block of useful links to course activities and resources. You'll learn more about them during the Pre-Course Orientation.

The Title bar (4) contains the full name of the course and the "breadcrumbs" trail that displays the path you follow to arrive at this page.

The Site Header (5) provides links to help you navigate to other courses or areas on the SCOPE site and allows you to access your profile, messages and notifications quickly.