Chat log for OERU 

Feb 18, 2011 



04:21 - Maria Droujkova (MathFuture) 

Joyce, I just want to say I find your forum posts very meaningful and hopeful 

04:41 - Wayne Mackintosh 


06:01 - Sylvia Currie 

And a very good question 

06:15 - Wayne Mackintosh 

08:05 - Sylvia Currie 

I like that idea of having the discussion continue after the event 

08:20 - Wayne Mackintosh 


08:54 - Wayne Mackintosh 

and During the event 

08:57 - Maria Droujkova (MathFuture) 

there is a chat by streaming 

08:57 - Sylvia Currie 

It will be streamed 

09:06 - Maria Droujkova (MathFuture) 

text chat 

09:35 - Sylvia Currie 

These are good questions. Perhaps we should start a thread in SCoPE for questions and ideas around the live event 

12:41 - Ilene Frank 

How about Twitter too? There was live ed. meeting the other day that was streamed with some people at the meeting tweeting, so those of us who were not there at least got an idea what was going on. 

13:20 - Sylvia Currie 

@good suggestion Ilene 

13:32 - Wayne Mackintosh 

Folk are free to tweet you post on - -use #oeru 

13:34 - Jim 

Ilene we will definitely be listening to the #oeru tag on 

16:14 - Wayne Mackintosh 

Cool -- its the OER way :-) 

16:16 - Sylvia Currie 

unpolished ideas are the best :-) 

16:57 - Andreas Link 

what's about with a #oeru tag in a bookmark service? 

17:35 - Maria Droujkova (MathFuture) 

So it's a tracking system of sorts? 

17:49 - Joyce McKnight 

Credit bank sounds like a good idea.  It would make the receiving institutions evaluations easier. 

18:06 - Jim 

Sounds good Andreas.  We already aggregate blog posts with #oeru tag, and could probably add one or more bookmark services to that mix. 

18:17 - Maria Droujkova (MathFuture) 

A tagging/category system where you bank credits under particular tags until you have enough 

18:17 - Wayne Mackintosh 

I like the idea. 

18:34 - carol yeager 

I wonder how many institutions would be willing to concede this process. 

19:16 - carol yeager 

Many of the institutions have mandates from their own govts 

19:21 - Wayne Mackintosh 

credit bank plus some kind of agree trans-national qualifications framework 

19:21 - Erkan_Yilmaz__Germany 

isn't OER normally also with a licence (even, if it is something like: all rights reserved)? and therefore you credit people anyway. So, what Paul talks is, as Maria says, a tracking system, so see where the paths went on from the begin? 

20:06 - Maria Droujkova (MathFuture) 


20:30 - Maria Droujkova (MathFuture) 

I would like to comment 

20:43 - Maria Droujkova (MathFuture) 

About pedagogies 

21:40 - Wayne Mackintosh 

Timing may be better now? 

22:17 - carol yeager 

Perhaps if the evaluation process was left up to the accepting institution might be one way to circumvent the challenge 

22:45 - Maria Droujkova (MathFuture) 

Some university systems have such agreements (here in North Carolina some 20 campuses have them) 

22:45 - carol yeager 

Articulation agreements may work with many institutions, the rest, could develop their own assessment process 

24:00 - carol yeager 

I wonder how many institutions would be willing to reliqish the accrediing process? 

24:11 - carol yeager 

sorry for typo 

24:59 - carol yeager 


25:00 - Wayne Mackintosh 

The model may not require institutions give up the accrediting process .. 

25:00 - Paul Stacey 


25:46 - carol yeager 

@Wayne ... that could be a solution for some of the challenges 

25:55 - Sylvia Currie 

Open U has a history of accepting flexible transfer credit policies, i.e not having limits on number of credits in higher level, etc. Paul's idea is like an extension of that. 

26:34 - Wayne Mackintosh 

@Sylvia - -yip enriching and improving the model using OER approaches 

27:02 - carol yeager 

Ho wwould the association with OER u effect delivery variations of the courses? 

27:03 - Maria Droujkova (MathFuture) 

Subject pedagogies 

27:29 - Maria Droujkova (MathFuture) 

Quality, level, depth 

28:25 - Sylvia Currie 

I'm thinking a bank idea doesn't have impact on historical practices at universities. Just introducing something new, in addition to those practices. But then I haven't taken much time to think about it! 

28:53 - Maria Droujkova (MathFuture) 

I even have hard time explaining the different between "a course" and "a piece of courseware" to people 

28:58 - Maria Droujkova (MathFuture) 


29:03 - Joyce McKnight 

Lack of interactive teaching pedagogy is a real issue today. 

29:11 - Maria Droujkova (MathFuture) 

It is, Joyce 

29:46 - Joyce McKnight 

In fact I would argue that pedagogy/teaching is what universities "sell" 

30:06 - Maria Droujkova (MathFuture) 

I think it has to be specific by subject. I am familiar with mathematics in particular, and the issues such as problem-solving, proofs, modeling (complexity) are not present in different subjects, at least not in this form 

30:27 - Erkan_Yilmaz__Germany 

Paul, you probably could envision some challenges to this banking system, what are the most challenging ones, in your eyes? 

30:29 - Maria Droujkova (MathFuture) 

so generic pedagogical ideas won't be enough to get math ed people on board, necessarily 

34:07 - Ilene Frank 

The open PhD trend is really interesting - but who's going to give those open learners a degree?  That's a problem! 

34:10 - Maria Droujkova (MathFuture) 

Defining the basic "unit of action" is very important, Joyce 

34:12 - Joyce McKnight 

There is a whole international movement for self-directed learning that I am part of and would like to hook with what Sylvia and Maria have been talking about. 

34:40 - Maria Droujkova (MathFuture) 

Joyce, does this movement have online places you can link? 

34:44 - Maria Droujkova (MathFuture) 

blogs, etc? 

35:10 - Maria Droujkova (MathFuture) 

DIY U - who read that here? 

35:17 - Ilene Frank 

I've read it. 

35:18 - Maria Droujkova (MathFuture) 

Wayne probably did 

36:16 - Maria Droujkova (MathFuture) 


36:26 - Wayne Mackintosh 

I've read it -- cleary a changing landscape. 

36:39 - Ilene Frank 

I've participated in some MOOCs, but no credit for the "course" even I would have done everything required  

since I hadn't paid tuition. Nice self-learning for me but that's it. 

36:57 - Sylvia Currie 

yes, traditionally credits = amount of contact hours 

37:23 - Erkan_Yilmaz__Germany 

Ilene Frank: about OpenPhD, you can ask more Leigh Blackall - not sure how much that had to do with getting his job at Canberra, though he is thinking of leaving again, I think 

39:25 - Ilene Frank 

Thanks, Erkan. There's a blog - Lisa C. had started on the open PhD path - but I notice she hasn't posted for a while 

40:05 - Erkan_Yilmaz__Germany 

ok, will look later 

40:53 - Maria Droujkova (MathFuture) 


41:18 - Maria Droujkova (MathFuture) 

It's a good metaphor, if we don't restrict to country currencies in their current form, because that system is "slightly" broken 

41:56 - carol yeager 

My experience with the MOOC (I have workd in 3 of them) had a pedagogical of connectivism.  Universal acceptanc eof the pedagogy might be challenging, and yet, it is worth investigating. 

41:57 - Sylvia Currie 

Peter Rawsthorne, who has joined the SCoPE discussion, also embarking on open phd 

42:13 - Maria Droujkova (MathFuture) 

Which have you worked with, Carol? 

42:14 - Paul Stacey 


42:17 - Sylvia Currie 

nice and clear 

42:38 - carol yeager 

pedagogical impetus .. sorry for the typo errors 

42:52 - Maria Droujkova (MathFuture) has a lot of interesting work on "new currencies" - gift economies, reputation currencies, and so on 

43:04 - carol yeager 

PLENK 2010, ds106 and CCK10 and CCK11 

43:20 - Maria Droujkova (MathFuture) 

So OER university credits as a currency is really interesting to me 

43:30 - Maria Droujkova (MathFuture) 

Carol, I am following CCK11 (lurking) too 

43:32 - Paul Stacey 

good comments, what are the incentives for participation in the OER university 

43:41 - Joyce McKnight 

Welcome...good comments. 

43:49 - carol yeager 

@Maria ... are you in the FB discussions? 

44:00 - Maria Droujkova (MathFuture) 

No, I am just getting the daily email 

44:05 - Maria Droujkova (MathFuture) 

very slight participation 

44:11 - Maria Droujkova (MathFuture) 

is FB discussion good? 

44:19 - Ilene Frank 

See also Cris Crismann's ECI Teaching Literature for Young Adults as well as the other courses mentioned. 

44:45 - carol yeager 

You might want to check into the FB discussions ... very active, interactive and informative 

45:13 - Joyce McKnight 

Coarl:  Where are they on FB 

45:35 - carol yeager 

@Ilene ... yes, Cris is doing some fabulous work in SL 

45:48 - Ilene Frank 

Wendy Drexler is offering Personal Learning Environments for Inquiry in K12. through Florida State Univ 

46:19 - carol yeager 

@Ilene ... thx will check into Wendy's initiative 

46:41 - Maria Droujkova (MathFuture) 

lucrative book deals! 

46:50 - Ilene Frank 

Yes, Cris is really good with Second Life - I went to one of her course's first session in there - very cool! But no credit for those of us who are "open learners" ;) 

47:24 - Maria Droujkova (MathFuture) 

Thanks Carol, I will look on FB 

47:46 - carol yeager 

Just ask to join ... anyone can put you in. 

48:01 - Sylvia Currie 

sustainability topic... hard to talk about that in the same breath as wild ideas :-) 

48:20 - carol yeager 

@Sylvia :) 

49:14 - carol yeager 

@Sylvia ... some of the wild ideas are quite sustainable, once foks are willing to change their perspectives on the pedagogy 

51:13 - Joyce McKnight 

Mutual teaching/learning mentoring a great idea. 

51:16 - Sylvia Currie 

@carol, true. Process usually means letting go of old ideas. It's hard 

51:21 - Maria Droujkova (MathFuture) 

Open marketplace where peers (everybody) trade in units of learning and teaching 

51:24 - Ilene Frank 

Paul, you are talking about the idea that Stephen Downes and George Siemens are suggesting with their MOOCs. Carol and others, wouldn't you say that's the case? 

51:41 - Maria Droujkova (MathFuture) 

peer-to-peer and MOOCs, both 

51:44 - carol yeager 

@Paul ... learning facilitation is a great prospect, and helps with the $$ aspect 

52:16 - carol yeager 

Ilene ... yes 

52:25 - Joyce McKnight 

There are a lot of alternative economic mutual aid Maria is suggesting. 

52:37 - Sylvia Currie 

I'm loving this idea 

52:58 - carol yeager 

I am not sure what the question is? 

52:59 - Joyce McKnight 

Me too 

53:06 - Maria Droujkova (MathFuture) 

"The mesh" is a good book about these models 

53:36 - Wayne Mackintosh 

Strong links with Prof Jim Taylors notion of "Academic Volunteers international" 

53:46 - Joyce McKnight 

OER-U would/could be the "broker" 

53:57 - carol yeager 

Networks of learning are also part of the MOOC pedagogy 

53:58 - Sylvia Currie 

The Mesh: 

55:32 - Sylvia Currie 

TED talk with Lisa Gansky 

55:37 - carol yeager 

@ Maria ... excelent points 

55:54 - carol yeager 

@Sylvia ... TED rocks! 

55:59 - Maria Droujkova (MathFuture) 

This model can create a lot of wealth in interaction/teaching/learning 

56:11 - Maria Droujkova (MathFuture) 

Gifting place 

56:16 - carol yeager 

and TED ios a wonderful medium for learning 

56:24 - Wayne Mackintosh 

Yeah -- gifting place :-) 

56:29 - Maria Droujkova (MathFuture) 


57:55 - Sylvia Currie 

Just googled Jim Taylor Academic Volunteers international and the OER university SCoPE seminar came up :-) 

58:25 - carol yeager 

@Paul ... definitely aspects to research 

58:48 - Sylvia Currie 

A "shift" -- that's for sure 

59:07 - Wayne Mackintosh 

@SCoPE is leading the way -- Google rankings 8-) 

59:26 - Maria Droujkova (MathFuture) 

I wanted TED to credit me... 

59:42 - Sylvia Currie 

In many ways my MA supervisor was my credentialing agent 

59:57 - carol yeager 

@Maria .. TED is currently asking for applications to present :) 

1:00:12 - Maria Droujkova (MathFuture) 

Mozilla is actually working on becoming a crediting agency 

1:00:13 - carol yeager 

Perhaps OER u might be a good presentation? 

1:00:47 - Maria Droujkova (MathFuture) 

Carol... soon! 

1:01:06 - Maria Droujkova (MathFuture) 

My story is strong but my fable isn't strong enough yet, if it makes sense 

1:01:08 - Joyce McKnight 

There is a mjor difference between teaching/learning and crednetialing. 

1:01:18 - carol yeager 

@ Maria :) 

1:01:23 - Maria Droujkova (MathFuture) 

Maybe 10 min wrap-up? 

1:01:25 - Joyce McKnight 

A bit more. 

1:01:28 - Maria Droujkova (MathFuture) 

to tie the threads 

1:01:44 - carol yeager 

I am afraid I must leave.  will this be recorded for later viewing/listening? 

1:01:51 - Erkan_Yilmaz__Germany 

I'm fine with continuing 10-15 mins 

1:01:53 - Sylvia Currie 

Yes, we'll post the recording 

1:01:59 - carol yeager 


1:02:07 - Wayne Mackintosh 

Can do 10 mins extra :-) 

1:02:27 - Sylvia Currie 

I can stay longer too 

1:02:41 - Paul Stacey 

OK we'll go a bit longer but then wrap up 

1:05:25 - Paul Stacey 

pulse is beating fast:) 

1:05:50 - Joyce McKnight 

Paul:  ESC does give marks for PLA in the form of expert evaluators who are responsible (and paid a bit) for making the recommendations.  I know our model isn't perfect...but it still speartes the two. 

1:07:03 - Joyce McKnight 


1:09:14 - Sylvia Currie 

I like the enthusiasm 

1:09:21 - Ilene Frank 


1:09:41 - Joyce McKnight 

Thanks Wayne and everyone.  It is great fun 

1:10:17 - Maria Droujkova (MathFuture) 

There is Independent Moscow University (math only) that's been open and free since 1991 

1:10:22 - Wayne Mackintosh 

Agreed - -must rewarding stuff to be working on :-) 

1:10:33 - Maria Droujkova (MathFuture) 

Only math people know of it, I think :-) 

1:10:37 - Wayne Mackintosh 

Good idea Paul -- I like it! 

1:11:18 - Wayne Mackintosh 

collaboration among institutions is mission critical for success 

1:11:53 - Maria Droujkova (MathFuture) 

aggregation and collaboration amplifies individual voices beyond the simple sum of the members 

1:12:41 - Sylvia Currie 

@Maria so true. And often discover parallels in thinking and progress 

1:13:00 - Sylvia Currie 

This was an excellent think tank! 

1:13:04 - Maria Droujkova (MathFuture) 

right Sylvia, collaborations 

1:13:20 - Wayne Mackintosh 

Greate think tank - -has got me thinking :-D 

1:13:31 - Maria Droujkova (MathFuture) 

or just alignment of values - that's very useful for the morale! 

1:14:45 - Maria Droujkova (MathFuture) 

Thank you everybody for participating 

1:14:56 - Joyce McKnight 

I want to thank you for all the reminders of it.  It helps a lot. 

1:15:19 - Sylvia Currie 

See you back in the SCoPE discussion! 

1:15:20 - Wayne Mackintosh 

Thanks all! 

1:15:20 - Erkan_Yilmaz__Germany 

thanks too, will read more at the wikieducator 

1:15:27 - Maria Droujkova (MathFuture) 

See you!