Chat log for LAK11 Weekly Check In Feb 18, 2011 


05:09 - George Siemens 


05:20 - George Siemens 

good point 

07:12 - Sylvia Currie 

right, good point, more can identify with the topic 

10:02 - Stephen Downes 

The people who don't want to hear about it will tell you it's inconsequential 

10:54 - Adam Weisblatt 

LAK is going to be critical because learning takes resources (money/time). In this new age resource usage requires accountability 

11:42 - Adam Weisblatt 

Good point 

12:11 - Adam Weisblatt 

Measuring can be Manipulated 

12:44 - George Siemens 

14:04 - Adam Weisblatt 

The development of LAK doesn't make sense if you don't understand the scale. This was useful 

15:39 - Adam Weisblatt 

Samtic Web was cool, but it wasn't clear about how to apply it to LAK 

18:23 - Adam Weisblatt 

It was hard to jump into the tools without working through what to analyze and why 

18:45 - Tanya Elias 

most of the tools defeated me 

18:59 - Tanya Elias 

@ Adam I agee 

19:13 - George Siemens 

Great point Adam 

19:41 - George Siemens 

we need to be more explicit about what we're doing (i.e. what's the situation that we want to better understand) 

20:20 - Adam Weisblatt 

The scale of things to analyze was so varied 

21:17 - Sylvia Currie 

Interesting point. We bounced around a lot 

21:51 - Francisco Reis 

Next LAK should be using a platform with instant analytics! 

22:13 - Adam Weisblatt 

There was a lot of great value in the concepts, resources and interaction 

22:14 - Sylvia Currie 

Yes! I enjoyed all of it 

23:22 - Adam Weisblatt 

But this was a great introduction to these topics 

24:15 - Francisco Reis 

I liked the resources that were made available, namely on week 1. 

24:48 - Adam Weisblatt 

I liked Jon Dron's logical framework 

25:03 - Deyanira 

I agree with Reis. Also the visualization tools were excellent and new to me 

25:34 - Adam Weisblatt 

Coming from corporate, this gave me great insight into academia 

25:54 - Sylvia Currie 

@Francisco I also spent a lot of time reviewing the bookmarked resources. We gathered together quite a library during the course! 

26:31 - Francisco Reis 

Some people don't like it. I find it great! 

26:35 - Adam Weisblatt 

That would be a course in itself 

26:46 - Sylvia Currie 

Visualization - would be a great course 

27:24 - Stephen Downes 

Not really - I agree visualization is worth discussing more 

27:29 - Adam Weisblatt 

This was my first MOOC. I wish I contributed more but I really enjoyed it 

28:01 - Francisco Reis 

MOOC needs special tools, I think. 

28:43 - Sylvia Currie 

Would like to organize a discussion, maybe a workshop, on facilitating in the open 

29:06 - Francisco Reis 

I enjoyed everything! THANKS A LOT TO ALL OF YOU! 

29:12 - Adam Weisblatt 

That would be great 

29:12 - Stephen Downes 

when I'm in Edmonton in May we can talk about how to use gRSSopper more widely 

29:18 - Adam Weisblatt 

Thank you George