Topic outline

  • Virtual Communities of Practice: 
    A Netnographic Study of Peer-to-Peer Networking Support Among Doctoral Students

  • Topic 1

    Participant-Observer of SCoPE

    I will be conducting a netnographic research study (also known as online ethnographic research), which is a qualitative method that uses observation of online communities via the Internet and the researcher can be a participant-observer of the community. That said, I would be a participant in your community, observing the webinars and discussions. From time to time, I will be communicating with you within the community by asking questions with regards to the observed discussions; in which you communicate with me during that time.

  • Topic 2

    Questionnaire and Interviews

    I invite you to complete an anonymous online questionnaire consisting of three parts that will ask information concerning demographics variables and your relationships with your peers, faculty, and home institution. 

    After the questionnaire stage, I also will be conducting in-depth interviews of those who participated in the questionnaire stage. At that time, I will be speaking with willing participants who would be interested in talking to me via Skype or telephone. Please contact me ( after you have completed the survey if you are willing to be interviewed, then a time can be scheduled.   The overall time commitment as a participant for this study will be approximately 1.5-2 hours, which will include the online surveys and one-on-one-interviews.